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Asset Management

Experienced advisors and investors recognize that no plan is perfect, and needs to be flexible. Markets shift, lives change and goals evolve. We cannot control the future, but we can ensure your investments and risk tolerance are appropriately aligned at all times to meet your personal goals.

Depending on your tolerance for risk, concerns over internal cost and expense ratios or preference for index or active investment options, we offer 25 asset management strategies designed to serve your unique needs.  

These 25 models are constructed using 5 core asset allocation strategies:

  • Conservative Income
  • Conservative Balanced
  • Balanced
  • Conservative Growth
  • Growth

Each asset allocation strategy can be implemented through utilizing one of 5 distinct portfolio construction and risk management overlays.  

The overlays offered are:

  • Strategic ETF Core Model
  • Tactical ETF Core Model
  • Tactical Active Core Model
  • Tactical ETF Core DRAAM Model
  • Tactical Active Core DRAAM Model

Our asset management offering enables us to implement your customized financial plan using passive index based investments, actively managed strategies, and/or a risk management overlay called Dynamic Risk Asset Allocation Management Strategy (DRAAMS). Our 25 offerings give you the flexibility to determine how best to achieve the goals set forth in the personal financial plan developed by Guardian Financial Partners. Whether you prefer your assets actively managed, invested in a more passive portfolio, or a blend of both passive and active strategies, our offering can easily be utilized to fit your specific situation.

In addition to these strategies, we also offer a Core Dividend Growth Strategy if you want a portfolio of dividend paying equities. This portfolio is constructed of dividend-paying stocks that have a history of increasing their dividend over time. Clients investing in this portfolio are comfortable with the volatility of equities, and have cash flow needs that are easily supported by the income stream provided by the portfolio’s dividends.

At Guardian Financial Partners, we recognize that your life should be based on your values, family dynamics, investment goals, and personal preferences. We are confident, given our range of strategies and portfolio options, we can serve your unique requirements, while protecting your assets and preserving your lifestyle.