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Our Process

Our mission is to start with your life and dreams, and plan an investment strategy around them. Because life is unpredictable, we believe a prudent wealth management process should be able to easily adapt to change. Our process helps ensure you have a plan that evolves to reflect your changing circumstances.

Introductory Meeting

Our first priority is to lay the foundation for a strong, long-lasting relationship. During our initial meeting, you’ll meet our team members, get a sense of our values and begin to  explore how we can help you achieve your goals. We will also explain our fee structure so you know exactly what to expect.

Information Gathering

Once we are comfortable with each other, we will begin the process of information gathering. We will review the family, business and personal circumstances that factor into your financial decisions and investment goals, including tax, retirement and estate planning objectives. Beyond the financials, we also want to know about your personal goals and dreams so that we can create a financial plan and wealth management strategy that is not only financially sound, but also a tool for helping you and your family achieve their dreams.

Analysis and Evaluation

By analyzing the financial and tax documents that you provide, we evaluate whether your existing blend of investments is appropriately allocated – and identify any necessary adjustments, with careful consideration of tax and cost ramifications. When necessary, we will confirm our recommendations with your legal and/or tax professional.

Development and Presentation

Once we have developed your plan, we’ll sit down with you to thoroughly explain all aspects of our recommendations and make sure you are comfortable with every detail. This is your time to ask questions about your financial plan, our investment recommendations and asset allocation. We encourage you to ask any and all questions during this critical step.


When we’re ready for implementation, one of our team members will take you through the details and logistics of transitioning assets, including getting the required approvals from you and explaining the time line.

Review and Monitor Progress

Effective financial planning and wealth management is an ongoing process. We continually monitor your financial plan and investment portfolio to ensure both pieces are working towards your long term investment goals and dreams. Life changes and your financial plan and investment portfolio needs to be flexible enough to adjust and compliment your changing goals and lifestyle. We are committed to meeting with you on a regular basis. Many clients enjoy seeing us quarterly.  However, some clients may prefer more frequent meetings, and others less meetings as they become comfortable with our advice and expertise. We strongly believe the frequency with which we meet is your decision and not strictly our choice.

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