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About Us

When you engage our firm, you become a part of our family and we become your personal committed fiduciary. We will always focus on your wellbeing and do what is in your best interests. Sometimes that means having hard, frank and honest conversations. We will never shirk that responsibility. Life is often unpredictable and navigating the challenges of budgeting, saving, and retirement is easier when you have us in your corner as advocates and fiduciaries.

As part of our commitment to you, we have selected Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to maintain your accounts and hold your assets. Schwab is one of the leading custodians for independent advisors such as Guardian Financial Partners, offering the support and platform we need to best serve out clients. Schwab has been working with independent advisors for over 26 years and serves more than 7,000 firms with over $1 trillion in client assets (as of Dec. 31, 2015).

Meet the Team